A Day in the Life - Elementary Programs

Sample Daily Schedule

8:00-8:45am                   Before Care
                                                Your student can join their friends before drop off

8:45am                                Drop Off
                                                Arrive on campus and wave "hi" to your friends as you do.

  • 9:00am - 11:30amPeriod 1(Two 10 min. breaks throughout instruction)
     Let's get to learning! Get ready to problem-solve and be challenged while exploring your interests. Enjoy depth, complexity, and multidisciplinary connections through interactive and hands-on activities. 
  • 11:45am-12:15PMLunch (Afternoon Half Day Students are Dropped Off at 11:30am)
    Gather with friends for a well-deserved brain break! Depending on your campus, lunch will be provided.
  • 1:15 - 3:45pmAfternoon Course (Two 10 min. breaks throughout instruction; Morning Half Day Students are Picked Up at 1:00pm)
    Jump in to more exploration, research, and collaboration with your peers and differentiated instruction that acknowledges your ability level. Let your mind stretch and tap into your potential.
  • 4:00pmTime to go home
    You had an incredible day and we're so proud of you! Wave "bye" to your friends as you shout "see you tomorrow!"
  • 4pm - 5pmAftercare
    Your student can spend some extra time doing on-campus activities with their friends after hours

Classes with a STEAM Focus

SIG course periods provide a robust and challenging academic experience that offer students a variety of instructional learning opportunities. These experiences range from collaborative work groups, independent investigations, experiments, interactive explorations, research, performance tasks, and so much more to develop personal passions, divergent/convergent thinking, and creative production.

With small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios, course instructors and teaching assistants provide attention and flexibility based on students' readiness, leaving room to allow for exploration of students' personal interests. 

Classes with a STEAM Focus

Course Structure

Each course block now lasts approximately 3 hours with two 10-minute breaks built into the course session. We can assure you that students won't be taught using a lecture style! Students will engage in wide range of learning opportunities that range from mini-lessons, hands-on activities, interactive experiences, and opportunities to develop research interests and skills.

We know the importance of gifted, talented, and creative youth, especially at a young age, being able to explore their passions on a deeper level. That means being given the time to dive deep into course content and then having time to process that content in a way that is meaningful to them or in new ways. SIG’s course structure allows students to do that and more! With the opportunity for students to develop depth and complexity with topics they love, SIG courses will leave them eager for more.

Course Structure

A Snapshot of a Day with SIG


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